Located in Oakhurst, California, at the Southern Entrance to Yosemite National Park.


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How did it all happen?

Tricia Louise Tracy is excited to be opening the very first all Vegan Restaurant in Madera County California. Tricia Louise has always aspired to live a healthy and active lifestyle. One of the reasons she loves living in Oakhurst near Yosemite. Tricia and her husband Kent Tracy moved to Oakhurst almost 30 years.

Being Vegan for 16 years now, Tricia has become passionate to share the lifestyle as much as the environmental impact with her friends and community. Now she’s realized that if you’re going to go in — Go All In. If she wants to promote healthy eating, it shouldn’t be through offering only slightly healthier versions of what people already eat. Instead she has to live her truth, that veganism is the best diet for people, providing them with the best personal health while also being the most sustainable, and the best for the animals we share this planet with, and for the planet itself. All without requiring any sacrifice: fresh food, prepared with love and culinary skill, can be the most tasteful and enjoyable food you’ll find at any restaurant!

Having had a restaurant and a handful of unique boutiques, and dress shops over a decade ago, The most successful of these ventures, The Garden Cafe, provided, well, not garden-fresh vegetables, but healthier versions of more-standard food, in a garden-like setting. It was a fine and happy restaurant, but the menu did not match up with Tricia’s personal growing conviction that processed food, meat, and dairy were not exactly healthy for anyone, and Veganism was more and more looking to her like not just the best option, but the only choice for both personal health and the general welfare.

Kent and Tricia’s son Cosmo Tracy 21 also a Vegan, who is a restaurant manager and Bartender in Avila Beach is moving home to help assist in the first few opening months and is an inspirational innovator.

"I could not have moved forward and created this beautiful space without my husband Kent. From the first day I told him I was ready to open a new restaurant and wanted it to be all vegan he was 100% behind me. With his ingenuity Kent turned one of the oldest buildings in Oakhurst into a lively fresh space that looks new and modern. As a family we know that opening an all Vegan restaurant will be challenging. However, the Vegan movement is growing! We are confident that our community, along with the large number of tourist visiting Yosemite area will be supported and continually encouraged to evolve." -Tricia Louise


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Oakhurst entrepreneur soon to make county history with first vegan restaurant

BY KELLY RAUSCH December 18, 2017 10:16 AM Updated December 19, 2017 08:41 AM Tricia Lousie Tracy will soon make history in Oakhurst as Madera County’s first vegan restaurant owner. Working relentlessly toward a February opening of the Love Cafe in the building that once housed Taqueria Plazuelas is unrecognizable already. With the help …